Theodore Darst & Collin Leitch – Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong 

April 6 – May 7, 2018

Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong is a collaborative exhibition by Theodore Darst and Collin Leitch at
King’s Leap about not breaking into spiritual prison.  Featuring a two-channel video and a constellation of
prints and sculpture, the two artists contemplate the history, agency, and surface tension embedded in the
compositing of media.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is All Manner of Things Shall Be Well, a vertical video framed across two HD
televisions.  Darst and Leitch’s reorientation of the picture reveals a middle-ground, where their content moves just
as freely across the monitors as it does between their array of influences and strategies.   The two work modularly,
using the cloud as their studio to send each other their own distinctive markings–Leitch’s home-spun
motion-graphics and rephotographed game environments are joined with the poetic shards and 3D world building of
Darst’s practice.  It is through the sum of these parts that the distinction of their ‘special effects’ breaks down and
begins to resemble the haze of a spiritual genre blockbuster. Their theology is not tied to a monotheistic pursuit of
medium, technique or workflow, but rather finds something in the existential conundrum of production itself,
becoming an indexical footprint of the state of moving images.

This cross pollination of Leitch and Darst, where images pollute the monitors like clouds of smoke, kicks up the dust
of trans-media histories and distorts our perceptual relationships to them.  Their work eschews both the sacredness
of experimental cinema and the capital sealed within Hollywood filmmaking. Instead, the two work to subsume and
push through these modes of production so that we can move freely in our first person role-player, watching as the
window shatters.  


Collin Leitch (b. 1993) is an artist and filmmaker living and working in New York. He earned a BA in Film & Electronic
Arts at Bard college in 2016. He has participated in screenings internationally including Channels Video Art Festival
in Melbourne (2017), Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn (2017), The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2016), and has had
a solo presentation of his work at Mothership, Woodstock (2016).

Theodore Darst (b. 1986) is an artist living and working in Manhattan. In 2017 he presented a solo show Cult Trash
at Magenta Plains, NYC. Recently, Darst has presented work in “THIS KNOWN WORLD” at The Museum Of
Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA; and the Artists’ Film Biennial at Institute of Contemporary Arts in London,
England. Darst has exhibited his work in New York at East Hampton Shed, 83 Pitt, Microscope, The Museum of the
Moving Image and in Chicago at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roots and Culture, Public Works, and MANA
Contemporary. His first book, Cult Trash, was published by Soft City Publishing on the occasion of his exhibition at
Magenta Plains.


The Brooklyn Rail 


Theodore Darst & Collin Leitch, All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well, 2018, 2-Channel HD Video, 9.45 minutes, Dimensions Variable

Theodore Darst, No More Kings, 2018, Diffusion dye on aluminum, 5” x 7”

Theodore Darst, Jer*my, 2018, Diffusion dye on aluminum, 5” x 7”

Collin Leitch, Lingering at the edge of the woods for a fixed amount of time, Soapstone and coconut oil, 10” x ¾” x 1 ¾”

Theodore Darst, Klud, 2018, Diffusion dye on aluminum, 5” x 7”

Collin Leitch, The Anchoress & The Albatross, Soapstone and coconut oil, 2 ¼” x 2 x 5 ½”