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Michelle Uckotter

Trap Paintings Vol. 2

September 17 – October 31, 2021


Lillian Paige Walton - Meter-Wide Button
Sapp Press      
123 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7359831-0-3

Shows & Programming

Michelle Uckotter – 'Trap Paintings Vol. 2'

Marc Matchak & Isabelle Frances McGuire – 'For Those Who Continue to Dwell in Lightless Descent'

Eli Bornowsky & Yu Nishimura

Lillian Paige Walton – 'Six Drawings'

Emma Pryde – 'Counterplayer'

Joe W. Speier – 'You Likey?'

André Magaña – 'Date Poder'

Nandi Loaf – 'Third Solo Exhibition'

Clark Filio – 'Heaven Ship'

Audrey Gair – 'Sana Sana'

Sharona Franklin – 'New Psychedelia of Industrial Healing'

Sofie Kjørum Austlid – 'Possibility of Being'

Spencer Longo – 'Shock Site'

Bea Orlandi – 'The Ruling of the World' – Organized with Gabrielle Jensen

Allen Brewer & Audrey Gair – 'Graphic T'

Kat Schneider – 'Sow's Honor'

Jason Simon – 'The Red Books'

Tom Koehler – 'While You Talk To Yourself'

Emma Pryde – NADA Miami Presentation

Kira Scerbin – 'When They Pet Brain'

Indriķis Ģelzis – 'Nightball Effect'

Games of Ceres

Jordan Strafer & Rindon Johnson – 'A Cultivated Life'

Theodore Darst & Collin Leitch – 'Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong'

Emma Pryde - 'Nature's Prophet' 

David Roesing - 'The Third Way'

Sam Kidel + Gabriel Cohen - 'The Invisible Would Continue to Turn a Deaf Ear'


The Icebox 

Semionauts - Three Exercises in Collaborative Essay Filmmaking

Simon Steinbrock Smith - 'View From the Roof

Self Titled

CONFUSO EDITIONS – King's Leap Record Imprint