1329 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11237


Jason Simon
The Last Movies on the Last Page of the Last Book, 2019
Screenprint on Rives BFK Paper
30 x 22 inches
Edition of 30


“The Last Movies on the Last Page of the Last Book,” is a silkscreen print by Jason Simon
made to accompany his installation at King’s Leap, The Red Books, a reading room for a
complete set of the American Film Institute’s Catalog of Motion Pictures. The volume spanning
the years 1961-1970, a decade-long inflection point for American cinema, is the last entry the
AFI published in their ambitious project cataloging all films shown in the US from the dawn of
film to mid-century. The final page of this final volume bears entries for The Zodiac Couples,
an aquarian porno; imported martial arts movies; Zorba the Greek; the British epic Zulu;
William Castle’s Zotz!; and, with true encyclopedic kismet, Zorns Lemma, Hollis Frampton’s avant
garde abecedarian odyssey. The flat blocks of red which gird the text are in homage to the serigraphs
of Sister Corita Kent, whose archive is housed at AFI’s next-door neighbor, The Immaculate Heart